Corporate Activities


The lawyers at “The Jaipuriars” are experts in legal drafting of various documents and statutory compliances under different Indian laws and legislations. We, inter alia, provide following services to our corporate clients:

Conveyancing: We provide the services of drafting of sale agreements, agreement to sell, and various other documents and also assist our clients to get these documents duly registered under various laws.

Drafting: Based on the specific requirements and needs of our clients, we draft agreements and contracts for our clients and negotiate on their behalf with the other party. It is our endeavour to protect the rights of our client in such agreements and contracts.

We also draft Wills and Power of Attorneys (general and specific) , various conveyancing deeds and get these registered for the benefit of our clients. In this endeavour, we protect the privacy of our clients and maintain complete secrecy.

Notices and Replies: On behalf of and upon instructions of our clients, we send notices to other parties for specific performance, for violations of the rights of our clients and also against the violation of the obligations of the other party. Similarly, we also send replies on behalf of our clients on receiving similar notices.