Pro Bono Activities

Pro bono

The lawyers at “The Jaipuriars” have a social touch and they undertake probono activities on regular basis. This includes holding legal aid camps, legal trainings, filing Public Interest Litigations (PILs) etc.


Free Legal Aid: Whenever we get time, we hold legal aid camps in slums and at places where the marginalised group of the society need legal intervention and support. We are also associated with a number of Non- Government Organisations (NGOs) and in cooperation with them, we undertake several pro bono activities including holding legal aid camps, legal awareness camps, training on various legal issues, interaction with youth, children, women and marginalised section of society etc.

Apart from these activities, we also file and contest Public Interest Litigations (PILs) in different High Courts and Supreme Court of India on various social and economic issues of public importance.

Know your Rights: Our very own and unique endeavour is the “Know your rights” initiative. Under this initiative, we have prepared a model to let people know about their rights and entitlements under the Constitution of India, other social legislations and under various judgments of Supreme Court of India and High Courts. In this endeavour, we make an attempt to disseminate the knowledge about various laws and their usage.

Legal Training: In order to promote awareness and to create leaders in the society to spread awareness about the legal rights and entitlements, we keep on train youth and children on various aspects of law and legal procedure. In this process, we also encourage the youth to participate in discussions on various issues concerning their rights.