Procedure to file an application under Right to Information Act for seeking information

A request for seeking information is required to be made on a plain paper to the Public Information Officer. Along with the application, application fee is required to be paid. The fee in Central Government offices is usually Rs 10/- which can be paid by cash, bank draft, postal order or through post office to the Accounts Officer of the concerned department. In state Governments, the fee for obtaining information is different. No fee or any charges are required to be paid by persons below poverty line.

While drafting the application for seeking information, there is no need to give any reasons for seeking information. Only contact detail of the person seeking information is required to be given. In case, if applicant cannot draft his application for any reason, Public Information Officer is duty-bound to assist such information seeker.

Public Information Officer has to give reply to the application so received under Right to Information Act within 30 days. In case of any information relating to a third party, Public Information Officer gets additional 15 days to consult the concern third party. In case, the information relates to life and liberty of any person, Public Information officer is bound to reply within 48 hours. The Public Information Officer may also deny disclosure of information under sections 8, 9 and 10 of the Right to Information Act, 2005